A Celebration of Women Painting Party

A Celebration of Women (and girls) will take place on Saturday, May 12th from 2:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. here at FBC.

We will enjoy a Painting Party which will include painting, food, and lots of fun.  No previous painting experience is necessary - we will all learn together!                            The Painting Party is geared toward girls age 9 to those of us a little more seasoned!  Child care (no cost) will be provided for children less than 9 years of age - with food and activities just for them.  Pre-registration is required in order to have enough supplies for everyone.  Please $5.00 (per person) registration fee to the Church Office by April 22nd.  (Make checks payable to First Baptist Church)  If you will be bringing children under the age of nine, please let us know their ages so that we can plan appropriately.