Update Letter from Pastor Clay for April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020


Greetings FBC Friends and Family, 

 Last Monday I visited 62 Classics’ Diner to get some takeout.  Scott, the owner and I visited while my food was being prepared.  It felt good to connect with one of my pre COVID 19 buddies.  He shared plans he was implementing, and improvements being made in preparation for being able to open the dining area again.  As I left, Scott said maybe next week you can eat here like old times.  He was hopeful the Governor would allow restaurants to open by next week with reasonable safeguards.  I can only imagine his disappointment at the Governor’s plan for reopening, along with many other restaurant owners.  No judgment on the Governor’s plan, feelings are not a good judge of what is true and good but they sure would like to be.  My prayers continue with an emphasis on local small businesses.   

 How do you navigate difficult times?  Often during difficult times we retreat to practices of the past that bring us comfort.  Sometimes it is comfort food or a place or an action or a way of thinking that seems safe, warm and comfortable.  One of the reasons the book of Hebrews came into being was to encourage Jewish Christians to not go back to their comfortable safer place (especially in the eyes of the Roman Empire) of Jewish living where Jesus isn’t acknowledged as the Messiah.  Also interesting about Hebrews is it is a sermon written down because the intended audience couldn’t come to church to hear it.  Soon we will start exploring parts of Hebrews together.  To get ready do a quick read through it, jot down questions and thoughts over the next two weeks.  This coming Sunday I will share an introduction to Hebrews, and the following week I plan on having a dialogue sermon with a special guest.  Then on Sunday, May 17 we will start the Hebrews study.  I plan on sharing via Facebook live periodically during the week, “Squirrels from Hebrews,” tidbits from my Hebrews study that didn’t fit into the Sunday morning box. 

 Are you interested in getting an ESV Hebrews Journal like we used with our Mark study?  We have ordered 50 at $3.00 each - let us know if you want one. 

 Looking forward to the day we can meet face to face again and at the same time praying God is using this unusual season in your life to help you grow closer and more like Jesus.  

  • Our Sunday Facebook Live feed starts at 9:00 a.m. (can be watched live or anytime afterwards via our Facebook page).
  • Thank you for your continued giving during these unusual times filled with unique ministry opportunities. 
  • If you know of or have a need we might be able to meet, please contact us.  Even if all you need is someone to connect with. 
  • Pray, Pray, Pray. 

 Grace, Peace and Undeniable Hope, 

 Pastor Clay