Update Letter from Pastor Clay for May 7, 2020

May 7, 2020


Greetings Family and Friends of FBC Hillsboro,  

 Stir crazy. That seems to be where we are at in this journey through COVID 19.  It somewhat reminds me of the blizzard of my childhood when cabin fever was in full bloom but the ability to get out was limited. Emotionally it is difficult to feel so disconnected and be separated from routines and people that sustain and enhance life.  It has provided an unprecedented time to reflect on what is important and opportunities to focus on our personal and spiritual growth.  God has been at work as always with greater effectiveness due to people’s openness to God’s intervention in their lives.  I thank God and likely you desire to see this continue as we anxiously anticipate meeting face to face again. 

 The following are some plans for the days ahead. 

  • Today, I will be participating in a Webinar described below:                                                                                                                                                               “Any plan for reopening needs to have health and safety as its top priority.  With that in mind, the American Baptist Churches USA has partnered with Church Mutual Insurance and Sovereign Insurance to bring us helpful recommendations around Safely Returning to Worship.” 
  •  This Friday I am going to help at a food drive give away sponsored by Highland County YMCA serving people who need food during these difficult times.  There are significant needs in our community and many organizations are doing what they can to meet those needs.  Praise God for all the “loving our neighbor” efforts going on. 
  • Also, this Friday I will have a conversation with Rev. Mark E. Click, Co-Executive Minister of American Baptist Churches of Ohio.  We will talk about issues facing churches, things to consider before churches start meeting in person again, and stories about what God has been up to in people’s lives.  This conversation will be recorded and shared at our Sunday 9:00 a.m. Facebook Live worship event. 

 We will begin our study of Hebrews on May 17th. Hebrews scripture journals are available through the church office - if you want one let us know.  Please read through the entire book (which is more like a sermon) before the 17th and also listen to it if you have that resource.  There is power in both reading and hearing the Word of God.  Almost all of Scripture was originally heard not read.  

 I pray you are well, drawing closer to Jesus and finding ways to make meaningful connections.  

 Grace, Peace and Undeniable Hope,  

 Pastor Clay 

 PS. Many of you have asked about my wedding plans.  I appreciate your interest and very much look forward to the day you get to meet Kacy and her kids.  Her faith is contagious, inspiring, tested and you will soon (but not soon enough!) get infected by it.  All I can say about the timing is ASAP but the date is TBD. Trusting God with that and asking/praying for the process and its movement.